Here at Faith Hospice, we strive to give our patients the end-of-life journey that they want. Whether that consists of going up in a hot air balloon, spending more time with family, or finding peace with God’s plan, our staff is here to provide the necessary support. However, planning can play a big role in our patients’ ability to live out their final months as they wish.
The Grand Rapids Business Journal recently interviewed our Director of Operations, Benjamin Jacobs, on the topic. While sharing the importance of end-of-life planning, Jacobs admits the challenges that come along with it. “No one likes to think about death, let alone talk to others about it,” he says. It can be uncomfortable, which is often why people put off discussing and planning such things.
End-of-life planning can eliminate any confusion about your or your loved ones’ wishes and can prevent the delay of comforting treatment. Our social workers can help families get the ball rolling by putting some advance directives in place, such as assigning a decision-maker if someone becomes incapacitated.
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