Hearts of Hospice Webinar: Quality of Life

In our next episode, Faith Hospice Palliative & Hospice Physician Dr. Michael Dozeman discusses how hospice care focuses on improving the quality of life for its patients. Anyone with a prognosis of six months or less to live can enter hospice care, and the longer someone is a patient, the better we can understand their wishes and give them the end-of-life journey that they want.


Hearts of Hospice Webinar: Hospice 101

In our new webinar series, Hearts of Hospice, we discuss a wide range of hospice and palliative care related topics. Throughout the series, Faith Hospice experts share their knowledge, bringing grief support and important hospice education to our community. As new episodes come along, we will be adding them to our Resources page.

In this episode, Hospice 101, Faith Hospice’s Director of Operations,Tammy Sue Veldkamp, explains how patients, their loved ones, and caregivers can benefit from quality end-of-life care along with the emotional and spiritual support that Faith Hospice provides. In the video, we review common hospice-related myths, leaving the viewers with a deeper understanding of the key principles of hospice care. Click the link below to watch and learn more.

Annual Summer House Concert

We are excited to share that the 2021 Summer Concert is on!

We are very much looking forward to our 10th annual Summer Concert.As always, we are working to provide an exceptional experience and celebration.Buddy, Jeff and Tricia are returning with the addition of special guests Andy Gullihorn & Jill Phillips.

Funds raised from this special event will support the Trillium Woods lower level build out, which will be the new home for Trillium Institute and the Faith Hospice Grief Support Center.

Please Join Us! Please understand space is limited.