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Hospice Care


At Faith Hospice, we are here to serve in every way needed. We are dedicated to providing expert care and compassion to ensure the well-being of each patient, their loved ones, and their families. Because it’s more than hospice care that defines us. It’s personal care. It’s family care. It’s every level of physical, emotional, and spiritual care one can imagine or would ever need.


Our specialized medical staff, aides, social workers, counselors, and chaplains help serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both the patient and their loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Whether you live in your own residence, a family member’s home, a nursing home, or an apartment, we bring our hospice services to you—making sure you receive the medical care required to keep you comfortable, explaining things to keep you and your caregivers informed, and providing emotional support to bring you and your loved ones peace.

With in-home hospice care, the patient’s loved ones continue to have a very hands-on role in the day-to-day care. To learn more about this role and how the hospice care team offers support, read our blog, "The Role of A Loved One" below.


In order to provide the highest level of care, Faith Hospice employs specialized physicians in hospice and palliative medicine as well as nurses, social workers, chaplains, and aides, all specially trained in hospice care. Each is experienced at delivering responsive and compassionate care to help ease physical and emotional pain and bring peace to both our patients and their loved ones. All Faith Hospice staff also undergo specialty dementia care training from Dementia Institute to learn how to best communicate with, relate to, and care for patients living with a decline in brain function and thinking skills.  
If you or a loved one wishes to learn more about getting started with hospice care, click below for more information or call 616-235-5113.

I will be your champion.

Sara, Social Worker

"That call. That call to serve. This is where I've been placed in life. This is what I've been called to do and this is the time I've been called to do it."

—Victoria W., Nurse