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Caring Is Our Calling


Every day at Faith Hospice, we’re reminded of why we do what we do. For our patients. For their families. For the simple fact that it is our calling to provide a higher level of physical, emotional, and spiritual care at a time when we are most needed.




In fulfilling God’s calling to serve others, we will serve with love and compassion, commit to excellence, and follow Christ’s teachings and example in all we do.




In 1995, Holland Home started Hospice of Holland Home. The name was changed to Faith Hospice in 2006 when Hospice of Holland Home joined with members of the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and other Protestant traditions to deliver spiritually oriented hospice care to all faiths.

Faith Hospice provides care “wherever you put your head down to sleep at night,” including private homes, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. Faith Hospice also provides care at Trillium Woods, our unique inpatient hospice facility in Byron Center.


I will be your

Terry, Volunteer




Faith Hospice is made up of a remarkable team of physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, counselors, chaplains, and volunteers. Each called to deliver medical, emotional, and spiritual care with love and compassion.

Rene Wheaton, RN, BSN, NHA

Executive Director

Patrick Fitzgibbon, DO, MS, MPA, CMD

Medical Director

Tammy Sue Veldkamp

Director of Operations

Janet Jaymin, MA

Bereavement Manager

Rosemarie Jakubowski

Billing Manager

Lori Hefferan

Business Office and Volunteer Manager

Anna Miller

Quality Manager

Tammy Sue Veldkamp

Director of Operations

Patrick Fitzgibbon, DO, MS, MPA, CMD

Medical Director

Deirdre’ Alt

MSN, RN Trillium Woods Manager.

Ben Jacobs

Team Manager

Jennifer Houghton

Team Manager

Karen Huizinga

Team Manager

Amanda Rodriguez

Team Manager

Steven J. Dupuis, DO, FPC, AQHPM

Therese Rouse, DO

David Sharp, MD

John Mulder, MD FAAHPM, CHMD

Deanna Chupp

Intake Team Leader

John Mulder, MD FAAHPM, CHMD

Steven J. Dupuis, DO, FPC, AQHPM

Barbara Opperwall, ACNS-BC, ACHPN, NP

Jill Paauwe, GNP-BC, ACHPN

Hannah Rosema, MHA

Practice Manager