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At Faith Hospice, we know that providing compassionate, dignified care to patients and families is an honor. Discover some of the personal stories why Faith Hospice is called to be your champion.

This is Not a Job

“I can’t imagine doing anything else… I think being a hospice nurse is my calling so it makes me proud that I’m able to just help somebody along this difficult journey.”

Lisa, Faith Hospice Nurse



Grieving is a Process

“You see loved ones going through different steps and different stages. But it’s not always the same, because because grief isn’t linear. It doesn’t go in a straight line. Grief can be very cyclical. And so many people think they’re going crazy, when in fact they’re just grieving. And so it’s really my job to help them understand that this is a process and it’s normal, and it’s going to be really hard right now, but it will get easier.”

Janet, Bereavement  Manager

Someone By Your Side

Susan Olthof, Volunteer

Former Holland Home nurse and veteran Faith Hospice volunteer Susan Olthoffeels that having someone by your side when you are dying is sacred.  “Any time you are with someone actively dying, you are on Holy Ground. It is a privilege to be there.” Susan believes Faith Hospice is the best hospice. She likes that faith-based component and, more important, that we are welcoming of everyone.  Susan has an open heart for all – which makes her a perfect fit with Faith Hospice. Thank you, Susan, for being a True Champion.


A Great Honor

Dick Wachter, Volunteer

The thought of being at someone’s side when no one could or would is one of the great honors of being part of the Faith Hospice Team,” shares Dick Wachter. Often Dick simply holds their hand, or touches their head. He loves reading to patients or praying. He feels especially blessed to say goodbye for families that can’t be with their loved ones, or for those who have no family. For Dick, Faith Hospice is a calling.  “If your heart is drawn in a way that you wish you could alleviate that pain and suffering, this could be the role for you.” Thank you, Dick, for being a True Champion.


“It Was Handwritten for Me.”

Phyllis Phillips, Volunteer

It takes a special person to serve patients in their final hours. Someone as special as volunteer Phyllis Phillips. Phyllis has been with four siblings and two dear friends through their illnesses and ultimate passing. “Being with someone in their last hour is the greatest gift we can give to a person.  To spend those special hours and moments with them during transition from one life to another is a personal conviction – it was handwritten for me.” Thank you, Phyllis, for being a True Champion.


Comfort, Peace, and Strength

“One of the biggest impacts I think we have is to just sit with somebody and hold their hand. Even if we’re not saying much, the simple act of touch and being present. Being there with them. It gives them a sense of comfort, of peace and strength knowing that somebody who truly cares is walking along this journey with them.”

Sara V.,
Faith Hospice Social Worker

Care. Compassion. Commitment.

“The care that they’re able to give to the patient and the comfort to the family and then the fact that that relationship never ends is absolutely incredible. We were at our lowest moment and they came beside us and walked with us through it and walked with him through it. It’s been just about two years now and that never goes away, but it was made beautiful because of Faith Hospice and what they gave to us.”

Kristen K.,
Loved One of a Faith Hospice Patient

Faith Hospice is blessed to provide love, compassion, dignity, and respect to every patient.

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