25th Anniversary

We have to go back to 1892 to see where Faith Hospice got its start and where that was, was not in hospice care. At this time, Holland Home opened its doors to help aging seniors in the West Michigan community. In 1986, hospice became a permanent Medicare benefit, and we soon realized a need for faith-based hospice care in our community. So, in 1995, Hospice of Holland Home started providing care to those approaching the end of their life.

Hospice Care: Quality of Life, Not Just End of Life

When people hear hospice care, they probably think of the care given to a person at the end of their life. And while this is true, there is often the misconception that once someone enters hospice care, they are “giving up” or waiting to die. Hospice care is not just about preparing someone for their final days but enhancing the quality of life for that person weeks and months before.


We are happy to report that our staff has started receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, allowing us to further protect those we serve. We know that this pandemic will continue to affect our community but are very thankful that we have been able to take this step.