Compassion Beyond Care
A large part of the work we do at Faith Hospice is ensuring that people have the highest quality of life until the very end of it. What some people might not realize is that our work doesn’t end there.  Even after a patient has passed, we continue to provide support to their loved ones. Our bereavement services team is here to give the understanding and guidance that people need to get through these devastating times. 
Grief: Everyone Goes Through It
As our Bereavement Manager, Janet Jaymin, says, “No one can escape it.” While everyone experiences grief, everyone deals with it differently. The loss of a loved one is something that you just can’t prepare for. What’s important is acknowledging those feelings and the pain that you are going through. The path to healing is a process and bereavement care helps you start that process. 
What is Bereavement Care?
There is no “right” way to heal. As each person reacts differently to the loss of a loved one, bereavement counseling provides the support, understanding, and guidance needed during this difficult time. Bereavement counseling is not a step-by-step guide to grieving, but instead provides companionship that helps each individual through their own process. “You see loved ones going through different steps and different stages. But it’s not always the same because grief isn’t linear. It doesn’t go in a straight line. Grief can be very cyclical. And so many people think they’re going crazy, when in fact, they’re just grieving. And so it’s really my job to help them understand that this is a process and it’s normal, and it’s going to be really hard right now, but it will get easier.” - Janet Jaymin  
Why is it Important?
Did you know that 8 million Americans have experienced the loss of an immediate family in the past year? Did you also know that many of them grieve in silence? At Faith Hospice, we have helped over 1,600 grieving families in just the past 12 months. We hope to normalize the grieving process and give our community opportunities to talk about loss openly. Through a number of specialized group, individual, and virtual counseling, we can provide increased support to those experiencing loss. 
Now, more than ever.
This past year, grief has been heightened. People haven’t just lost loved ones. They’ve lost touch, contact, the chance to properly say goodbye. Memorial services have been postponed, funerals have been canceled. It has been challenging for people to get the closure they need and the feelings of devastation are deeper. At Faith Hospice, we have had to adapt too. All of our counseling sessions are now virtual. But, with that, we can help anyone in the United States. We plan to continue these services after the pandemic and help people cope, even far beyond our community.
The New Normal
What does life look like after the loss of a close loved one? The truth is, it’s different for everyone. Bereavement services help people find their “new normal” by providing a safe space for people to openly talk about loss without judgment. Everyone may grieve differently, but no one has to grieve on their own.