This past April, Faith Hospice patient, Jim Tol, passed away. Jim had been an active member of the Rockford Rotary Club since 2006 and was named Rotarian of the Year in 2023. One of his favorite events of the year was the Club’s “Big Daddy Duck Race.” For the race, businesses can purchase a rubber duck for $100, decorate them, and, for the main event, send them down a stretch of the Grand River. Four members of the club were responsible for selling the ducks to local businesses. They called themselves “3 Men and a Duck”, with Jim being known as the duck.
Since the event happens each June, it was Jim’s wish to live until then and experience the race one last time. Unfortunately, with his passing, he will not be able to be there in person this year. His nurse, Molly, asked Faith Hospice to purchase a duck in honor of Jim, fulfilling in some way his final wish and continuing his legacy.


The duck will be decorated with a “Rotary Theme” and will feature a favorite quote of Jim’s, “Rotary is looking good in the neighborhood.” This year’s festivities will take place during the Rockford Rotary Club’s 54th Annual Start of Summer Celebration, June 8-11th.
Faith Hospice Nurse Molly added, “I am so grateful to work for an organization that sees the intrinsic value of each of our patients. I cannot express how amazing it is that I can ask these things of Faith Hospice and know that the response will be one of love and honor for the people that we serve.”