The Other Side of Hospice: A Journey Through Grief

If she could, Heidi VanSledright “would sing Faith Hospice’s praises from the mountaintops.”Both of her parents entered hospice in early 2021, and Heidi witnessed the amazing amount of love and compassion that the Faith Hospice team put into their care. After their passing, Heidi realized she needed some continued support and turned to our bereavement team for help. Learn more about Heidi’s experience with Faith Hospice’s bereavement services.

Staff Spotlight: Amber Powell Runs the Boston Marathon

Our staff do truly incredible work serving our patients and their loved ones each day—we call them “champions” for a reason! We’re no strangers to their strength and resilience, and we love seeing them accomplish their goals outside of work. Faith Hospice RN Case Manager Amber Powell checked one off her list by running the Boston Marathon this year. She shares her experience with us in this blog.

A Letter to Faith Hospice

The following post contains a letter from a family whose wife and mother was under our care for seven months. It truly captures the spirit of Faith Hospice and our mission to provide compassionate hospice care. With the family’s permission, we are blessed to be able to share their experience with the hope that this helps deepen your understanding of hospice care and the true joy and comfort that it can bring to those we serve and their loved ones.

The Right to Choose A Hospice Provider

If it has been recommended that you or a loved one enter hospice care, it's the job of the medical team to provide you with hospice options in your area. Even if the hospital or facility has its own hospice services, you can always choose an outside provider.

The Role of a Loved One

Whether you have recently been given the news that a loved one should seek hospice care or they have already begun the process, you might be asking yourself, “What now?” By becoming more informed of what lies ahead, you can be better prepared to support your loved one through their end-of-life journey.