Dr. Fitzgibbon

Medical Director


Hospice Healthcare and Safety

For over 25 years, our calling has been to provide the highest level of physical, emotional, and spiritual care at the most difficult of times. The health and safety of our patients and their families have always been a priority and will continue to be one through this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We understand that there may be concerns about staff caring for multiple patients in a variety of locations but we assure you that we have taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of our patients, their loved ones, and our staff.



Faith Hospice is more than an organization. It is part of a community. Our role as a leader in this community allows us to provide our staff and those we care for with countless resources. Collaborating with other West Michigan hospice care providers has helped us ensure the safety of patients and their loved ones during their end of life care. Hospice and palliative care are very intimate and in times of social distancing, we have had to adjust. With the collaboration of other organizations, we have been able to find solutions to continue providing exceptional and safe end of life care while still being comforting and caring.


With a disease like COVID-19, where symptoms might not show for weeks or even at all, we can understand the hesitation of wanting your loved one to have in-person care. However, we are confident in the steps we’ve taken to provide face-to-face care in a safe way. Along with strictly following the CDC guidelines, the guidance of our collaborating partners, and our own expertise and experience, we have implemented the following procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone under our care during these times:

      Reducing visit frequencies to
 what is absolutely necessary

      Virtual visits as an option
when appropriate

      Visitor restrictions at Trillium Woods.
Please ask about current guidelines
before visiting: (616) 356-4820


Before and during visits staff will:

• Call ahead to assess any new symptoms the
   patient or their loved ones might have

• Wear surgical masks/face shields and keep
a distance
of 6 feet except for instances of
direct care
needs or physical assessments

• Request the patient/family to also wear a
  cloth or other type of mask

• As always, practice good handwashing and
  infection control techniques



First, it is important to be honest about symptoms you or your family are experiencing and share any possible exposures to contagious individuals. Additional steps you can take include:

Limiting family members present in the same room


Wearing a mask, washing hands, and surfaces 


Asking staff questions and talking about any concerns



These times have required adjustments for all of us.  As hospice staff, we are used to providing care with lots of hugs and physical contact for comfort.  We have had to re-examine those practices with the unfortunate times and the reality of pandemics.  We remain committed to our mission of serving hospice patients and championing physical and spiritual comfort with extra safety precautions in mind.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or clarifications you may have.