Faith Hospice

What is hospice?

When to call hospice

The best time to call hospice is soon after receiving a life-limiting diagnosis. The earlier hospice care is initiated, the sooner pain and symptoms can be brought under control. When started early, hospice care can provide quality of life, support to family and caregivers and ensure the patient’s mental, emotional and physical comfort.

Following are some signs that it might be time to consider discussing hospice care with the patient’s physician or caregivers.

  • A gradual decline in the patient’s level of functioning is observed.
  • Increasing visits to the emergency room, hospital or doctor's office.
  • The disease is progressing or spreading.
  • The condition is life-limiting and a cure is not possible.
  • Patient's level of functioning declines in spite of therapy.
  • Patient loses interest in eating or may have stopped eating completely. Unintentional weight loss continues.
  • Patient has end-stage dementia and is no longer ambulating and/or eating.
  • Patient voices a desire for comfort care.
  • Family or caregivers desire help with end-of-life issues.
  • Care is becoming more difficult to manage.

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